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The principles and values that are intrinsically linked to our brand, as the legality, security, transparency and ethics are standards of conduct that reinforce, without any doubt, the bonds of credibility and trust in the relationship we have with our customers.

Commitment tradition and passion for what we do are our core values, from the outset; we include a firm commitment to our customers to be quality in all our services.


Veline Ong

Ceo and Founder

Veline Group S.L.U.


Veline Group has a long and outstanding experience Import and Export in the sector. Our company has extensive experience and confidence with the main industries in Asia, with over 10 years of excellent relations and ongoing cooperation with them.


Develop, manage and customize the Import and Export of your product giving a totally professional service and integrated with international marketing channels, especially in emerging countries such as China, Japan, India, Korea, Russia etc.


Commitment , tradition and passion for what we do are our core values, from the outset, we include a firm commitment to our customers to be quality in all our services.

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Chinese Course for Business

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Business Travel Organization
Business Travel Organization

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Business Consulting
Business Consulting

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Events Organizer
Events Organizer

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Translation and Interpretation
Translation and Interpretation

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Import - Export
Import - Export

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