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Welcome to Veline Group, being the best alternative for bringing China and Spain in business and cultural.Nuestra experience in performing multiple operations of import-export and investment between the two countries enables us to provide the necessary support and the entrepreneur spirit precise entrepreneur and exporter, ensuring success and always optimizing cost and time, allowing the company to know the best way the Chinese market if directed and encouraging the exchange and the most suitable with Chinese companies in the sector relationships, and ensuring reliably the success of business operations that may arise.

All it personalized and closer with each of the companies and people who work with Veline Group and can make study and previous diagnosis without any compromise form, and offering all our chances of closing deals and aid in the development of better marketing of products and services to offer in the Chinese market, relying on the Chinese social networking platforms, as well as Chinese media itself, issues that today are considered essential for marketing in China for cultural and aesthetic issues inherent Chinese customer, we also know, because the achievements of companies that work with Veline Group are also ours and represent our greatest motivation, achieved sales success and ensuring stability in possible sales and service, to ensure the image and credibility of the company in the Chinese market.

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