Real estate Service

Given the difficulties in this sector, Veline Group offers a short term medium term solution to successfully solve any type of Property or substitute.

Veline Group has an exclusive and important Investor (Preferred Asian and Russian) network and portfolio with which to introduce and manage its real estate product successfully.

Likewise, we also have the largest real estate network in China to offer and attract foreign customers and introduce them in Spain, taking advantage of the conditions and tax facilities offered by the country.

For this introduction, we offer two forms:


Basic fee + Maintenance.

This service consists of an initial payment (Variable according to a previous study) to access the listing of the VelineGroup website. Plus a maintenance and tracking fee for the product.

This service includes a thorough preparation and marketing study for the sale and most convenient and optimal search of the product to be developed.

Premium Service

This service consists of the same conditions as the first mentioned above, with the plus of making your real estate product totally priority and preferential in the search of clients, giving you a meticulous and exclusive treatment.

This service will increase the price of management and economic conditions due to its nature and condition, including in both services a final commission after the successful sale of the operation.


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